Saturday, August 9, 2008

SKETCH Saturday Aug 9-Cindy Trombley

Hi everyone! This is a bit of a different "sketch" for you all today!!

It's actually not even a sketch! It's a pattern for a TEAR BEAR!!!

Our featured artist today is CINDY TROMBLEY!

Here's a little about her:

As the years passed I became interested in decorative painting. I took some lessons and loved it. I soon put out a painting book of my own. I have done many painting projects for the major painting magazines. I have taught at national conventions as well.I have a total of 5 books published internationally. I opened up my own website to sell my books and also patterns that I was doing.I sold a lot of my handpainted items on ebay and met many wonderful painters there in the process.After about 5 years of that, scrapbooking caught my attention. I just couldn't figure out what all the excitement was about. So I started investigating this craft. I saw all the little furry animals being made out of paper and decided I wanted to learn how to do that.While still painting and keeping my website running, I began scrapbooking. I find it is a very creative industry and one that seems to have no end! I love making the tear bears and all the other animals you can make using paper. I am also doing layouts which is a lot harder than it looks. But I am enjoying every minute of it!This is the only art I have found that is not confining. If you can make something and put it on a page regardless of what it might be, that is scrapbooking!! Who knew? Not me, but now I do know and I love the creativeness I have found in scrapbooking and plan to continue in this industry for years to come! that is scrapbooking!

I remember Cindy's decorative painting well!!! I have a few of her books and totally fell in love with her painted jars!!! Here is her painting site called "Painting on Jars"! I was so excited to "find" her one day on another blog that I just had to email her and she actually remembered me from a few years ago when I owned a tiny tole painting online store.

So, here is one of Cindy's cutie tear bear patterns!!! Remember to link us up if you try one!!! Aren't they adorable!!!

This pattern can be enlarged to suit your own desired size. You can click here for a bigger copy. I have no idea how to get the copy big here.


Carla said...

I have never tried one of these tear bears. Might just have to, now :-) They're so cute!

aimee said...

this guys are so cute!

lois said...

these are just darling!!

Ginny said...

Those are so pretty, I have 2 dancers so I have to try this pattern out!

Jean Marie said...

How cute!!TFS!