Friday, August 8, 2008

FOTO Friday - August 8/08

Happy Friday everyone!!

One thing I've been enjoying lately is taking photos of a sequence of events. For ex, "before, during and after" photos, or photos of something (or someone) growing. This is a fun way to capture those special memories. Especially when you want to remember the way things used to be and how they look now.

Here's something I've been taking photos of since the end of July. We are growing watermelons in our backyard, and I wanted to see just how quickly they grew.

Here are photos of one of the watermelons as it's growing! My two girls placed their hands in the same place next to the watermelon so that we could see just how much it grew!

So, I challenge you today to share a group of sequence photos with us! Post on your blog and share the link in the comments!


maiahs_momma said...

Okay, so I am in the process of posting pictures on my blog for your Foto challenge. However blogger is currently doing work on the you'll have to wait until later to check out my sequence. It won't let me upload pics for now...

Here is the link to my blog:


Shannon Wyman said...

Wow, so much has happened since I was here last!! Things have been crazy, and I've missed checking in here. I love the sequence photos Susan!

Jean Marie said...

Wonderful photos!Can not wait to see them full size!!Love Watermelon!!