Monday, June 30, 2008

COMMENTS RAK for 2 lucky people!!

This RAK offer starts TODAY, June 30th, until Monday, July 14th. I will randomly choose 2 people who leave a comment and send them some 6X6 pieces of patterned paper! (more than 20 sheets).So if YOU would like to get your scrappy hands on some patterned paper (and a few pieces of cardstock), simply comment on ANY post made between June 30th-July 14th. (includes Challenge Monday post as well) ...And, the more you comment, the better your chances will be.

Here is the paper RAK that I'm offering:

Papers included are from Tinkering Ink,Polar Bear Press, Chatterbox, Piggy Tales, Dream Street Papers, Cherry Arte, Cosmo Cricket, and Creative Imaginations

So get commenting!!!

CHALLENGE Monday-June 30th

Wow, June is almost gone! And this week is your last chance to have your name added for the wonderfully AMAZING June kit from our sponsor Create My Keepsake !

OK, ready for this week's challenge?

This week I want you to step out of your comfort zone and create a layout, altered project, tag or card using a color that you very RARELY use, and have this the predominant color in your creation!

When you complete your LO, email it to us at by Sunday, July 6!
This will give you a chance to become our NEXT sister, and you will have your name in the draw to win the prize from our sponsor this month!

Here's what the Sisters created this week!

PAMELA says "I rarely use yellow on my scrapbook pages...I have just never been a yellow person. But combine this challenge with a line of patterned paper that I love, and it wasn't too difficult. :) I love how it turned out. These are my parents a long time ago...I am guessing about 1980."

DEANNE says "Purple is a color that I don't usually use, but I HAVE used it. With these pics of my boy I just HAD to use purple since every piece of his clothing just happened to be purple!"

~based on a sketch by Cherie Averill

CARLA says "I used pastel colors -- something I rarely use :-)"
*That's our mom! She is STILL teaching and she's 60-something! Isn't that amazing!
SUSAN says "No time to create a new LO this week but this is a LO I created a couple of weeks ago using the Create My Keepsake May kit! I don't use the color yellow often but this paper not hard to use at all."

Sunday, June 29, 2008

SISTER Sunday - June 29/08

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest sister - Pamela Young!

Tell us about your family: I am married to a very supportive (of my scrapbook obsession) husband. We have been married for 8 years. We have two wild and crazy boys, ages 5 and 3. Thankfully, I am able to be a it! But those boys can keep me pretty busy!

When did you start scrapbooking? About 7 years ago

Who/What inspired you to start scrapbooking? I wish I could say that some incredible person did but that wasn't the case with me. One day I saw a "scrapbook" in the store and I just thought it was cool. My first scrapbook wasn't much, and I did it all by myself without ever realizing that there was a whole community of "scrapbookers" out there. :)

Does anyone in your family also scrap? Nope :(

What size do you normally scrap? 12 x 12

What is your favourite colour scheme? I don't really have a favorite color scheme, but I love adding dark brown to any color(s).

How many hours a week do you scrap? Can I plead the fifth? Just kidding. Sometimes it can be 20 hours (or more) and then sometimes I will go a week without scrapping. Lately I have been doing a lot. I get most of my scrapbooking in after my boys go to bed....the way I see it, that leaves me from 8pm to 2am to scrap. :)

What is one thing you always find yourself reaching for when creating a layout? 3D paint (it's my most recent obsession)

Describe your scrapping style in just three words. linear, varying, changing


Take a look at Pamela's recent submission to our blog. What an awesome photo, and I love her title!

Check out more of Pamela's work on her blog and in her gallery.


We'll see more from Pamela during the week.

Drop by tomorrow for our next Monday Challenge! Your last chance to win a prize from our sponsor this month!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

SKETCH Saturday-June 28th-Sara Noendeng

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Our featured sketch artist today is SARA NOENDENG.
Here's some info on her:

My name is Sara Noendeng. I live in Redbank Plains, Qld, Australia with my husband of 2 years Nathan and my beautiful baby boy Jet who is 12 months. I started scrapping nearly 5 years ago when my mum was invited to a CM class and wasn't interested in going so I went in her place. I was hooked from that first day but quickly branched out into the regular scrapping. And I converted my mum too!!

I love sharing my work with others and hopefully inspiring them to try different techniques and colour combinations. I find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on the Internet and just have to use it quickly so I can share it with others too. I wouldn't say that I have a definite style though because I like to play with lots of different things. I am honoured to be asked to feature on the blog and hope to see you all at Stuck very soon.
Blog Link: or (personal)

Mystical Scrapbooks (
Seriously Scrapbooking (my LSS)


Here's her sketch-

Try her sketch!!! I do many of her sketches and love them! I have a LOAD saved on my computer to play with this summer! Remember to let us know if you try this one or another from her sketch blog!

Thanks so much Sara for sharing with us today!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Foto Friday-June 27th

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, let's grab that camera and get some pics to scrap!!!
Take a look at this list of Summer ABCs to help you with ideas of what to get pics of!!
Happy snapping, everyone!!!!

TEXT Thursday - June 26th

Our apologies for not posting this yesterday.

Bibiana sent in several journaling challenges for you to try. Don't forget to post if you do any of these. We'd love to see them!

"I love word games, so I thought I would come up with a few challenges based on various word games:

1. Crossword puzzles – Create a layout in which the title is more than one word long, and the words intersect one another like a crossword puzzle. Here’s my example in the "Down South" layout:

2. Catchphrase – Use a well-known phrase as the title of your layout. Alternatively, what about a favourite song title or lyric? Here, I’ve used the phrase, “Like Mother, Like Daughter”:

3. Scrabble – Since the first two challenges were title-specific, I thought I’d include one last challenge that is more journaling specific. In Scrabble, each person plays with 7 tiles. Create a layout that has 7 facts about yourself. It may be 7 completely random facts, or it may be a list of your 7 favourite songs, movies, places you’ve been to, people who mean a lot to you, whatever…Maybe you can even create 7 lists of 7!"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WEB Wednesday - June 25th

Wow! What a wealth of information here:

Blogger Buster - helping you build a better blog

So much to read and learn! Bookmark it -- you'll want to refer to it again and again!

Bibiana's favorite layout....

and more!

Tell us about your favorite layout you have ever completed? I don’t know about it being my absolute favourite, but this is certainly one layout that I completed recently that I’m quite proud of. I like it because of the leathery look and feel of the background, created by sticking masking tape over cardstock, and then painting over the masking tape. Every time I look at it, I just want to reach out and touch the background! I’m also pleased that I was able to step away from bright, cluttered pages for once, step outside my comfort zone, and create something simple yet elegant. Finally, I love the works of art created by the artist Mucha, and this layout pays tribute to his work. The cards were purchased at the Mucha Museum in Prague – each card is a different work of art, and I’ve been wanting to use them for some time to create a layout, and now I have!

Describe your scrapping style in just three words. Colourful, girly and unpredictable! By the last, I mean that I don't often plan my layouts – I just grab whatever I think will go together and just go with the flow! It's often a mystery to myself what my page will end up like!

What do you love the most about scrapping? Creating something beautiful that I can treasure for years to come.

What do you dislike the most about scrapbooking? I always create lots of mess and I don't like tidying it up!

What topic do you find the most difficult to scrap? Myself, because I have very few photos of myself, and I'm also quite a private person and find it hard to share my deepest, darkest secrets with others.

Have you ever taught a scrapbooking class? Not formally, but I recently led the girls in my scrapbooking group through making a book/box circle journal.

Have you ever been published? No.

What type of camera do you use? Canon digital SLR (EOS30D model)

What would be your perfect day? A day where I'm exploring a new country/culture with my trusty camera in hand! I can't imagine my life without my camera and my scrapbooking supplies – they bring me much joy and help me to relax!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday-June 24

Here's a wonderful idea from Bibiana!!!

I love using items that aren't specifically designed for scrapbooking to create my own embellishments. I think it adds that handmade touch to the page, and is a fun way of jazzing up a layout without needing to spend lots of money.

I have recently discovered that those round facial cotton pads can be very versatile! In the "April Flowers" layout, I used one cotton pad to stamp the sun. This cotton pad then became the "O" in my title, while the stamped image was cut out. Paper clips were bent into heart shapes and clipped onto the cut-out image for the sun's rays, and strips of paper were also added. The paper clips flowers at the bottom again had a cotton pad-stamped circle as the centre. This time, the paper clips were left straight for the flower petals. I finished off with a button in the centre. The pinwheel-style flower was created using a painted cotton pad as the centre, with cotton pads cut in half for the petals. This was all joined together with a large brad.

In the "Go Dutch" layout, the butterflies were created by cutting a cotton pad in half, then turning them around so that the round edges meet one another. They were then clipped together with a paper clip, and a ribbon was added for the antennae. Brads were used to decorate the butterfly wings. At the bottom, the ladybug was again created by painting and then cutting the cotton pad in half. The halves were slightly separated over a bit of black paper. Again, brads were used for the ladybug spots, and as I didn't have a big black brad, I used a heart shaped brad for its head.

I hope this has inspired you to look into your medicine cabinet, your pantry, ANYWHERE for cheap items that can be used to make your own embellishments. I've also dabbled in the past with cupcake papers, popsticks, satay sticks, the possibilities are endless!

Monday, June 23, 2008

CHALLENGE Monday - June 23/08

Another Monday

...another challenge

...another chance to become our Sister

...and another chance to win the AMAZING June kit from our sponsor Create My Keepsake !

Your challenge today is to create a LO inspired from your favorite TV show OR movie!

When you complete your LO, email it to us at by Sunday, June 29!

This will give you a chance to become our NEXT sister, and you will have your name in the draw to win the prize from our sponsor this month!

Here's what the Sisters created this week!

Bibiana created a LO based on the TV show 'FRIENDS'
Susan - this LO was created based on my favorite show 'America's Next Top Model'. This LO was also created using the JUNE kit from our sponsor Create My Keepsake The kit you will have a chance to win if you complete this challenge too!

Deanne - created this LO based on a sketch from Triple the Sketch Blog!
Carla - Here's Carla's LO called Wonder Years! That was a favorite show of mine too!

*Pssst...That's Deanne in the glasses, Carla in the red jacket and Susan is in front of her eating something or has her hand in her mouth (can't really tell) All our other siblings are there too.
(The little one in the pink pants is not a sibling)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SISTER Sunday - June 22nd

Good afternoon! Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors today -- we finally are after almost 2 weeks of cold, rainy weather.

Time to introduce you to another sister of the week!

Please welcome Bibiana Tie, from Western Australia.

Tell us about your family: I am Malaysian-born Chinese, but have moved around a lot with my family, previously also living in England, Brisbane, Australia, and now in Perth. I think it is because of this that I love to travel and see the world, and this is how I ended up with so many photos to scrapbook!
My parents are currently living in Malaysia, while my older (and only) brother lives in Brisbane with his wife and 2 cats. Though we're all living in different cities, we keep in touch regularly by phone/email, and fly to visit each other often. I would say that we're a very close family and supportive of one another.

When did you start scrapbooking? I've always loved all sorts of crafts, from origami to beading and jewellery-making. My interest in papercrafts began with card-making when I found a lovely little stamping/paper supplies shop in Perth called Starfish Lane. This was in round about 2003. The following year, I went on a trip to the west coast of Canada and came home with heaps of beautiful photos. I'd always thought it was a real pity that I never got to keep the cards that I made, and as I'm an archival sort of person who never throws anything out, the transition into scrapbooking at that point was an easy one to make. At that point though, my idea of scrapbooking just involved sticking photos, ticket stubs and stickers onto a page. So it's no surprise that the hobby didn't really take off then – I quickly got bored!

In 2005-2006, I did what many Aussies do – I went on a working holiday to the UK and traveled all over Europe! Of course, I ended up with lots more beautiful photos, so when I returned to Australia, I decided to give scrapbooking another go. Imagine my surprise when I stepped into the local scrapbook store and discovered how the industry had grown, with loads more beautiful products and possibilities! My interest was definitely piqued! I soon joined a scrapbooking group, and learned lots of new techniques from the other women in the group.

However, it wasn't until early 2008 when I discovered the most awesome store in Perth (Scraptivate), subscribed to the magazine Scrapbooking Memories and through the magazine, discovered internet scrapbooking and challenge sites, that I truly became addicted to the craft! Through various classes and online inspiration/tutorials, my style has really evolved and improved. My blog site was started this year purely so I could enter the various competitions available on the web! I think it would be fun to one day post a "Before and After", showing just how much my style has changed!

Does anyone in your family also scrap? No! In fact, they don't understand me at all and often ask me, "What's the point?" I wish they scrapped also so that we could have crop nights together!

What size do you normally scrap?12 X 12", but I’m starting to explore other sizes and dabble more in off-the-page projects.

What is your favourite colour scheme? I love anything in bright colours, but my absolute favourite would have to be anything with red and/or pink in it, eg red/pink/black or red/pink/blue. Actually, I can’t go past pink and green either…I think I just like pink the most!

How many hours a week do you scrap? I've never added it up before, but I scrap on average at least 1 hour each weeknight and up to 5 hours over the weekend, so I guess that's around 10 hours a week!

What is one thing you always find yourself reaching for when creating a layout? I love anything girly, so ribbons/lace and flowers!

Bibiana created this gorgeous layout for our Week 59 challenge:

You can see more of her work on her blog - Bibs and Pieces. Drop by and leave a note!

If you're looking for a scrapping challenge, come back again tomorrow and see what we've got for you! You could have a chance at our fabulous sponsored prize this month, and you just might become our newest sister :-)