Friday, June 27, 2008

TEXT Thursday - June 26th

Our apologies for not posting this yesterday.

Bibiana sent in several journaling challenges for you to try. Don't forget to post if you do any of these. We'd love to see them!

"I love word games, so I thought I would come up with a few challenges based on various word games:

1. Crossword puzzles – Create a layout in which the title is more than one word long, and the words intersect one another like a crossword puzzle. Here’s my example in the "Down South" layout:

2. Catchphrase – Use a well-known phrase as the title of your layout. Alternatively, what about a favourite song title or lyric? Here, I’ve used the phrase, “Like Mother, Like Daughter”:

3. Scrabble – Since the first two challenges were title-specific, I thought I’d include one last challenge that is more journaling specific. In Scrabble, each person plays with 7 tiles. Create a layout that has 7 facts about yourself. It may be 7 completely random facts, or it may be a list of your 7 favourite songs, movies, places you’ve been to, people who mean a lot to you, whatever…Maybe you can even create 7 lists of 7!"


Deanne said...

These are awesome challenges!!!!!

Jean Marie said...

Super Challenge! I tried the Crossword Title and took it one step further using the crossword as inspiration for my photo placement..Thanks for the fun!

V Colbourne said...

Great ideas, once again, something else I need to try :)