Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tanya's favorite layouts.....

Tell us about your favorite layout you have ever completed? My most favorite recent LOs are TV Time- a LO about Penny & Finn (my youngest two) watching tv and "Baby Kitty wants Outside"- the pictures are of our beloved kitty (who died in 1999.) I always thought the photos were unscrappable because of the over-exposure but held onto them and one day inspiration hit. It was a fun page to make- I hand made (and doodled on) lots of the embellishments on this page and used lots of my alpha rub-on stash. I am very happy with both of these LOs.

What do you love the most about scrapping? I love the way it reminds me to appreciate my life. When I give myself the time to scrap, I find I am a much happier person.

What do you dislike the most about scrapbooking? I don’t like the way I sometimes get caught in the perfection of it all. Some of my favorite memories have not been scrapped yet because they are simply too important which is bizarre really since they are the ones most needing to be preserved. I am in the process of introducing those favorite memories to my favorite papers- the ones that I love but just can’t cut because they are sooo beautiful. I’m working on it…

What topic do you find the most difficult to scrap? For me, it’s hard to scrap the big stories- where there is a lot of journaling- my kids births, my father’s death... important stuff! I haven’t found the time to write down so many memories that I want to scrap. The hardest part for me is getting the actual words down on paper.

What type of camera do you use? Right now I have a Cannon Elph, though last year I had an Olympus and and before that I was a Kodak gal. Historically, I go through a camera a year since I usually end up letting my kids take pictures too. I really LOVE my Elph though, so my kids have not been able to use this camera as much as other cameras we’ve had in the past.

What would be your perfect day? My perfect day would be any day that involves extra sleep for me, a (preferably homemade) iced chai tea, doing something FUN together as a family and not spending my day in the kitchen and, of course, some scrapping thrown in as well.

I can't imagine my life without modern conveniences- my dishwasher, washer & dryer and air conditioning.

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