Sunday, October 14, 2007

SISTER Sunday-October 14th

Our featured sister this week is our very own sister, Carla!!!Carla and I started scrapbooking around the same time (late 2003, early 2004). I remember I had a few pages done before I got HER hooked on it! She was totally excited about it when she saw the pages I had done and was on her way to being addicted as soon as she completed her first layout.

Here's some info about Carla:

Tell us about your family: I am married to Devin. We have 4 children – Luke, Timothy, Jessica and Benjamin. I homeschool all four children – from Grade 10 down to Grade 5. Devin works from home in our recording studio.

How/Why did you start scrapbooking? My sister encouraged me to start. Another sister sent me a scrapbooking kit, complete with an album. So…. I started. I have so many photos that are sitting in boxes (thankfully, they are at least sorted now!) and I want to get them into albums for my family and me to enjoy.

How long have you been scrapbooking? Hmmm, I think I started in Jan 2004.

What is it about scrapbooking that you really love? I just love looking at my photos and remembering all the fun times and the sad times. When I see my kids sitting and looking at my albums, that makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful.

How many hours a week do you scrapbook? Between 10-15 per week.

How long does it take you to complete a layout? Sometimes several hours, but mostly around 2 hrs.

Where do you get your inspiration? I like looking through online galleries for ideas. I also buy a magazine every once in a while to see what’s new.

Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? My scrap space is/was my sewing space at one time. It’s not used very often for sewing now – unless it’s on my layouts . I like it. I have a big table and two tall drawer units. I have 3 smaller drawer units on my table that hold my embellishments. I also have a rack for my paper.

What are your favourite colours to scrapbook with? I like the browns and greens. They are "my" colors, though I use many colors in my layouts. One I don’t use much is purple.

Do you enjoy other crafts and/or hobbies? Yes, I enjoy sewing and cake decorating. Reading is a big hobby of mine.

What scrapbook magazines do you read? Scrapbooks, etc. and Simple Scrapbooks.

How thick is your cardstock and paper stash? Cardstock is only about 3 inches high; paper probably 10 inches.

Are you an organized or messy scrapper? I try to be organized, but the table quickly gets messy. Sometimes I even pay my daughter to come clean off my table. She does a great job of putting stuff away .

Carla's blog is called Pursuit of Scrappyness and you can find her awesome work at Lovebug Scrapbooking Gallery.


Jacqueline said...

Love that picture of Carla!

Jean Marie said...

Hey!!It's Carla:)! Look forward to your week:)!