Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WEB Wednesday Mar 11th

Sorry, I'm a little late with this today, ladies! I totally forgot it was my day to post! Yikes!!! I'br been fighting a headache all afternoon and I finally realized WHY! I hadn't had a coffee ALL DAY!!! So, now, I'm sipping on a STRONG cup to try and get rid of the throbbing in my head (it's a little too strong, as DH said, your spoon could stand up in the mug, it's so strongs.Oops!)

Anyway, I wanted to pass on a link to a nice little corner of the scrapping world. It's called Scrap My Memories and all three of us sisters are a part of this forum. Actually Susan is on the design team co-ordinator there, and she is doing a super fantastic job! Zoe is the name of the owner of the store and she ships FAST and that's what I love!!! Her store is chocked full of yummy scrappy stuff!!

Oh, and there's an online crop this weekend at Scrap My Memories and I hear that "Mother Goose" will be paying a visit to Scrap My Memories!!

So, drop over and join the forum, and tell 'em the Sisterhood of Scrap (a.k.a. Susan, Deanne and Carla) sent you!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Christina said...

Yeah!! I love online crops! Thanks for the link info!!

Jean Marie said...

I so need this! hope this will give me the jumpstart I need to get some of those long overdue pages completed. tfs :)

Ali said...

It's a lovely place, wandered over and felt welcome! TY sisters x3 for the heads-up!! :o) ` Ali