Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TEACHING Tuesday - March 10

Whew...sorry this is getting out so late. We had our first snow in months last night...and it froze everything this morning. I was busy helping out a neighbor who's' pipes froze. Yuck!

So...on to Teaching Tuesday. I am always on the lookout for new techniques and different ways to achieve them. Recently I have been wanting to add scallops to my pages like I see others doing. It adds to the back ground or ends up being the background. Anyway...I would like to share with you a few ways to achieve the look with only a few tools that you probly already have!

First, there are companies that sell paper already cut with scallops on the edge. Squares and Circles are what I have seen but there are also smaller paper with the scallops only on one side. You can find most of these at almost any scrapbook store!

The second one is a corner rounder from EK Success. The page holder pops off the back giving you a half circle to start with.

For this technique you need to work from the back and upside down so that you can match up the circles and make the line as long as you want.

You can even do this on circles!!!

The third way that I have found is to use just a plain circle punch or cutter and cut as many as you will need for your project.

Line them up on the page as you want them...

And then cover with a top sheet of paper.

You can also move them closer together...

To get a textured type of scallop.

A fourth way, is to purchase a little kit that I found from Memory Makers that comes with a few different punches.

Use the scalloped end to pound into your paper to make your scallops. The only hard part with using these...it is very hard to stay in a straight line. I have found that if you draw your line first and then pound, you get the effect that you were wanting!

The last way, and a bit expensive if you don't have one, is to use a Cricut with certain cartridges. There are two that I currently know of that you can use to create your scallop. This first picture is from the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge.

This one is from the Mini Monograms. These are nice to use when you want your background in a scalloped circle.

I created a book a few weeks ago while my computer was down and used the circle punch to make a scalloped look to my tabs.

Now, I know that there are probly many more ways that you can achieve this look...these are just a few that I use. Leave us a comment and tell us how you get your scallops! We would love to learn what else is out there!

Happy Scrapping!


Susan Coish said...

FANTASTIC tips Christina. It's funny because here I am reading your post, and I have a circle card sitting on my scrappy table that, just this morning, I used my scallop punch and created a scallop edging. (I'll share it later) And the other day I created a LO using the circles as scallops.

I love the way my corner rounder punch is so versitle!

Carla said...

Lots of great tips! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Deanne Burton said...

Neat ideas!!!! I love the one about using circle punches to create a scallop!!!!Thanks so much Christina!!

Erin said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I also wanted to let you know that the Accent Essentials cartridge for the Cricut has a square scallop and a straight line scallop as well.

Gigga said...

Thanks so much for all the tips.
Great ideas.

Robin Gibson said...

Love all the scallop ideas Christina! I sometimes trace partially around an object, like a spool of thread, or a small cup/glass...depending on how large/small I want my scallops to be. Or if I have paper or a trim that is scalloped, but not the right color, I trace the pattern onto the paper I want to use, and cut it out. A little more time consuming, but works for me:) Thanks:)

Christina said...

That's a great idea Robin! I never thought of doing that...and then you could get the size that you are looking for!!

Erin - Thanks for the cartridge info! I just found that the Home Accents has one as well. So that's 4 now!

Thanks for all of the ideas!!!

Rose Ann said...

Thank you for the fabulous ideas shown here!

Have a great week!