Friday, March 20, 2009

FOTO Friday - March 20/09

Hey there Sisters!!

Growing up, my family lived in a very rule area north of Denver. There were only 2 neighborhoods in the area and we were surrounded by farms. And across from our house was a huge red barn that we used as a landmark of sorts. When I was about 10, they tore down that barn to widen the street and build apartments. More houses went up, more stores, more and more of the city started growing in our little area. What I would not give to have pictures of that barn, or the view of the street with trees just starting to grow.

The site that I want to share with you today has inspired me to start taking pictures of my surroundings. Of where we live and where my kids are growing up. When they are my age, I want them to see the change and have their own stories to show their children.

The author of the site did not take the pictures but collects them and gives credit to those photographers. The pictures range from astrology to health to religion and they are the most astounding pictures that I have ever seen. Also, take a look at what he did over Christmas...amazing!! (here)

I took these pictures a few weeks ago of the sun setting behind the mountains. It was taken from the side of our house. I want my kids to remember the view that they see every night, because in a few years there will be more houses or buildings going up and this view is gone.

Today, I challenge you to go out and photograph your surroundings. Maybe the garden with the plants just starting out, or a tree that was planted last year that still has much growing to do. Or the wall in the house that you use to measure your childrens' height. Let us know what it has inspired you to do!!


Carla said...

Some wonderful ideas, Christina! I showed my kids a photo just a couple of weeks ago, that was taken on my street, oh.... about 20 years ago :-) They couldn't believe how different it looked!

Deanne Burton said...

Beautiful photos, Christina!! I love the idea of taking pics of your surroundings so others can see how it has changed over the years!!!

Ali said...

GREAT idea Christina. Need to do this more often. ITA w/ you that it is important~!

Ali said...

PS: Christina, DH and I loved the planetary and solar system photos as well you linked to,WOW is an understatement. DS Daniel will adore them- he is a space nut! (8 1/2 yrs old.) THANKS!