Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

It's Friday (wahoo!) and that means it's "Foto Friday!" I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Ocean, our Border Collie, and Mitty, our teenaged kitten, crashed out on the floor together. Ocean was exhausted from his fun in the snow but he HAD to keep an eye on the kitten- he is a true "herder." LOL. And did you notice that they're wearing MATCHING outfits? How VERY fashionable!
AHEM: On to my (actual)Foto Friday post!

I have soooo been looking forward to sharing this with you today. Must be why I am up so early. Well, my coffee's gooooood.... **grin**

Here we go: An HP article all about ORGANIZING your digital photos.

Now, organizing is a passion of mine, I'm actually an organizing NUT! Yet, organizing photos seemed like a "dry" topic... that is--> until I READ this article!

Written in simple and easy to understand terms, it is a step by step, sensible way to organize your digital photos. The subtitle of the article is "Organize, edit, archive." That about says it all! In a few time-wise paragraphs, you'll read about how to consistently name photos for easier retrieval, create and organize folders, and how to avoid using up too much hard-drive space.

Boy oh boy, with 4 cute kiddos, 5 pets, a horse and a MILLION pics, do I EVER need this article. LOL

I know you'll find it helpful too.

Read on-- and "Thanks HP for another great educational tutorial!"

Be sure to let us know what you think of this article. AND: What are your Digi photo storage and retrieval tips??

Answer below in the comments section, providing us with ANY digi photo tip, and I will send a fun Ribbon RAK by mail to a randomly selected Sisterhood of Scrap commenter! And of course, Deanne, Carla and Susan can play, as can our international Blog followers!

Have a super Foto Friday girls!
Off I go in search of more cooooffffeeeeee!


Robin Gibson said...

Thanks Ali, for the article! I have a good program on my mac for photo organization, but I really needed to figure out how to name photos! Loved that bit, it really helped!
I don't really have a tip that hasn't already been put out there, so to speak...but my favorite thing to do, to consistently get good shots, is to photograph as much as possible, in natural light! Truly, my pics come out so much better now, whenever I can do this!
Not really playing for the RAK (thanks anyway, but I think my tip should have been a more original one). I'm more or less commenting that the lighting REALLY does make a difference in photographs!
Thanks, SOS rocks!!!

Carla said...

Thanks so much for that artcile, Ali!! I sooooo need it! I am an organizer as well -- love to have things in order. I have my photos all arranged in folders -- first the year, then the month and then individual folders for events/activities. It's okay, but not great when I need to find a certain pic and don't remember WHEN it actually took place.

Jacqueline said...

I've been working on organizing my photos using Windows Vista. It has wonderful features for just that. I have all my photos on a thumb drive and I'm slowly getting them on tagged according to who is in them, where they are, and the event, so that I can easily find photos. I absolutely love the photo features in Vista!

Ali said...

Thanx gals! Still LOTS of time to comment-- I will give you until Sunday at midnight whatever time Zone you live in, LOL:I'm easy to get along with! LOL

Oh-- and I will do the Ribbon-RAK draw on MONDAY!!!!

**Robin, your tip definitely counts TOO.** ~ Ali

Havbaer a great weekend all!

Ali said...

OHMY Holy hannah on the typos! Sorry gals. That should read: ***Have a gr8 weekend, all!***
~ A ;)