Thursday, February 19, 2009

TEXT Thursday - Feb 19th

I have many special thoughts about my school teachers -- especially my teachers for the lower grades. I think a teacher can either make our early school experiences a great one, or sadly, a bad one.

What are some memories you have of your school teachers? Share them with us :-)

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Rose Ann said...

I can recall my first teacher grade K, Mrs. Almond, she was my angel! I had a bit of a language barrier, speaking spanish and english together. She helped me through and was there for me whenever I needed a kind smile! Or as they say now "she had my back"!

Have a great day!

Deanne Burton said...

My fav teacher was Ms.Hamel.She introduced me to my favorite books, STUART LITTLE, CHARLOTTE'S WEB and TRUMPET OF THE SWAN.She made reading soooooo much fun!!!