Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Text Thursday! Wonderful prompts, mag sorting/turfing ideas & a RAK winner!

Today I'd like to share some fun journaling idea generators (also called "prompts") with you! See #1-#5.

Additionally, I have an article linked here which you might find useful in terms of getting rid of old mags after gleaning ALL the info you can from them. How?? Read #6

And for lucky #7: how to Archive your Christmas cards! !

Here are a FEW good links you can enjoy. There are MANY on the web, so if you find one, pls share it with us in "Comments" or as a link on your Blog.

1. Time Capsule- click on a year and see lists of top 10 songs, top 10 movies, what was in (and out!), sports winners, events, etc... A HANDY site.

2. Angie Pedersen has a list of helpful articles here. She encourages us to read them to help add meaning to our journaling.

3. Sad quotations (sad words, sad films, sad songs...) Sniff! Unusual and yet handy!

4. BellaOnline's Scrapbooking Editor, Michelle McVaney, gives us a list of GREAT journaling and title articles, full of ideas.

5. A list of ideas for journal prompts/interview questions for you if you're creating an album in tribute to someone special!

6. Too many Scrappy mags taking up physical and mental space? Why not create an Inspiration Journal? Then: simply discard what is not needed. (In your recycling programme of course! LOL)

7. Here's a goodie about saving and archiving your Christmas/holiday season cards! Still in an accessible manner-- and yet enable you to get rid of cards that may still bee cluttering up your space, This references an older article by none other than Scrapjazz' Andrea Steed! LMK what you think!

Feel free to post a link on YOUR blog: show us what links you've found in terms of "text" and would like to share with us here at Sisterhood of Scrap!

On Friday we had a little RAK here about digi photo tips and....the winner by random draw (TY to 2 dd Kate, my assistant) is: ROBIN GIBSON!

ROBIN, simply email me your snailmail addy and I will have a fun ribbon RAK in the mail to you ASAP! :O) BIG WARM CONGRATS! (I can be reached at email pete ali @ eastlink .ca ... with no spaces.)


Carla said...

Love the ideas of what to do with old magazines! I have a huge stack here and was wondering how to salvage the best ideas :-)

Robin Gibson said...

Love ALL the tips! And THANKS for the RAK! I'm so excited!! :)