Thursday, February 5, 2009

TEXT Thursday-Feb.5th

I'm home today from school.I am sick with a very sore throat.I'm hoping to fight it off by staying home and resting. I slept until 11:30 this morning!! Yikes!!!

My question today is "What happens in YOUR house when YOU get sick??"
Who does the daily chores...who gets the kids out the door...Who gets the meals...

Leave us a comment here telling us about what happens OR blog about it and leave us a link to your blog.Thanks!!!

I don't think we'll be using Mr. Linky anymore.It's not really what we were looking for.I thought it would create a seperate set of links for seperate posts, but it doesn't and all the links end up in one huge list.So we won't be using it.


Vickie said...

I hope you feel better.

Well, I am a SAHM. So if I have a bad cold, I still do everything I am supposed to do. But, if it gets bad, my MIL comes over and helps with the kids so I can lay down. Thank goodness for her.

Ali said...

Feel better soon Deanne!
Yikes! Stay put girl! Virtual Chicken soup to you...

If I ***HAVE*** to go to bed, (which is, rare, as we Mommies know,) my eldest (now 15) helps her Daddy out wiuth the running of the household. Dad is the primary helper to me, though, whether I am sick or not!

Carla said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

I rarely get sick, but when I do -- things just don't get done :-) If I feel the sniffles coming on, I drink lots of water and head to bed early. Usually then, in the morning I am able to get up and do what I normally do.

Chelle said...

im a SAHM, too. and we dont get sick days. i do tend to slack off though with the cleaning and laundry and stuff like that. but my kids are both little (2 and 4) and i have to take care of them. if i do get to where i am feeling really bad, i will put my youngest in her crib with a movie on and my 4yo will watch tv in either his room or the living room while i lay down on the couch. hes really good about not wandering around the house and getting into things.

Stephanie said...

I am a teacher and it is almost harder to have a substitute than to just go. So most of the time I push through it. A couple of weeks ago though, I got pneumonia, and my husband took excellent care of me! He works night though so I had to watch the kids when he left but I just put a movie on and it wasn't too bad. Hope you feel better!

Rose Ann said...

Oh my, when I get dh takes over as best he can. Of course we no longer have little ones at home. Just my teen daughter and she helps out also. Thank God, between the two of them everything goes pretty well around home, even when I am out ill ~:O)

Deanne get well soon! Hope staying home and resting will help you alot. Your in my thoughts ♥

Candy said...

I was a teacher also, and it was much easier to toughen up and go to work. My husband was good about helping out.
One time when I had my stroke, one of my kids stuck their head into the bedroom and asked what was for dinner...........I growled!! :)
Now that all the kids are gone, when I'm sick it doesn't really matter. My husband is mostly on his own anyway!
Have a good day!
Moments In Time

jennmom2000 said...

My dh is very good about helping out but things still don't get done as well as if I was well. It almost makes it not worth resting or taking it easy when I am sick.