Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Web Wednesday!

Gooood Mornin’ everyone in scrappy-land, from beautiful winter-white Nova Scotia, Canada!

My Dh is busy digging us out from a fantastic (!!) Nor’Easter storm so I am a little late posting… had to get the older kids rounded up to lend a hand on the walkways, deck and cars! It’s almost done now! Whew! The snowplow had left a HUGE pile at the end of the driveway, YIKES! Thank goodness for the snowblower my Dad gave us awhile back- it was bought in 1988 and still goin' strong! Thanks Dad!

On to the business at hand: It's Web Wednesday! I found a few fun and informative links to share with you all today~ Enjoy!

1. A helpful tool: This is a helpful site from Memory Makers magazine. You can search 3 things at a time....a Technique, Theme & Text for help in getting inspiration or page/LO ideas! The search is really FAST too. Handy!!

2. Useful tips: Here are some very "down-to-earth" scrappin’ organization secrets. Do you have some to share with us? Feel free! Use the comments section if you like, or Mr. Linky, below.

3. Time to drool: Vicki Chrisman shared some great shots of some of the very CLEVER booth displays at CHA. Check them out on her blog here, Just scroll down a little and you’ll see what I mean. Awesome creativity and planning went into those for SURE!

As usual, Vicki has some fun and oh-so-pretty projects on her blog too! I admire her so much! So inspirational!

Stylish space: I just had a thought. Awhile before CHA, Vicki posted some pic of her creative space. I shared the link over at Scrapbooker's Club House and the pix were a big hit with the gals over there, so thought I’d share ‘em here! Check it out: it all looks so cosy, and is truly a space that suits Vicki's warm vintage style!! I just loved this and so it came to mind when thinking about Web Wednesday!

Do you have any pix of YOUR creative space you'd like to share with us? Love to see 'em! Use Mr. Linky below to send us a link and we'll wander on over! :O)

4. Journaling prompts: Here’s a fantastic idea for creating a Family History Journal Prompt Jar. I found it on the Scrapjazz site.


Have a super day everyone—I am loving being a part of things here at Sisterhood of Scrap!!

Please use Mr Linky to post a DIRECT link to a post that you want us to see.Thanks!


Deanne Burton said...

Great links!!!!! Must check them out!!!

Jessica said...

thanks for the links Ali!

Ali said...

You're entirely welcome girls! The web can be a wonderful place, can't it? :O) ~ A

Carla said...

I enjoyed looking through the links -- especially the family history journal prompts. Lots of great questions there! Thanks Ali!

Rose Ann said...

Thanks for the interesting sites...I will have to run off and check them out.
Have a scrapfull day!