Thursday, January 8, 2009

Text Thursday - Jan 8/09

Welcome to Text Thursday.

I have been very proud of myself this year because I made a decision to blog a photo a day. It was inspired by the Becky Higgins Project 365 . But, I have not figured out how to place all the photos into an album...yet. I am happy, that, if nothing else, it is encouraging me to blog EVERY day, since I post a photo and then blog something about it. And after a couple of years of sporadic blogging, this is a big accomplishment. LOL

So, today, I'd like for you to share with us, how your blogging is going? Are you taking on a project of your own? How often do you blog? Can you share your blog link with us? And...have you blogged today?

If you do not have a blog, here are some sites to get you started:
Live Journal

Have a great day!!


Cori said...

As part of resolutions, I started a blog. Since I frequent the Scrapshare message board, the blog challenge for January was to find beauty everywhere around us. I have been able to blog so far everyday. It's been fun to write everyday. I'm hoping I am able to keep it up all year.
This year I was inspired by Tracy K. (she was a sister here weeks ago) to do a weekly layout of blessings in my life. I posted my first one on my blog

Jacqueline said...

I have a few blogs but was having computer trouble and hadn't blogged for a long time. Just got a new computer and I'm working on getting back on track with my blogs. I haven't blogged to my scrappin blog today but I did to another one.

Stephanie said...

I too am trying the picture a day thing. I'm not sure if I will blog them but I amkeeping track of the picture I took in my calendar in case I forget. My bil doesn't think I will be able to do it so now I have to just to show him!

tiggertastic said...

my goodness a blog a day, don't think i could do that, 2 updates a week takes me ages to complete.

i have 2 blogs on the go at the moment, one for my work and a challenge blog

Sarah x

Noreen Smith said...
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Noreen Smith said...
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Noreen Smith said...
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Noreen Smith said...

(Sorry...the three comments above were me...I posted the same comment by mistake three times and then deleted them all by mistake as well! Sheesh! Anyway...what I said on my deleted comments was...)

I created a Flickr Gallery or "set" to post my Project 365 photos on. I had never used Flickr before, but it was free, easy to set up my account, and easy to create a link to my existing blog. (I used a pic form Becky's kit as my icon)

It's nice because you can write a title, description and tag for each photo, but it's not like you are writing an entire blog entry.

It was so easy I created a gallery for my layouts as well...something I have been wanting to do anyway!

You can see how it all looks by visiting my blog and then clicking on the Project 365 picture link on the right sidebar.

Hope that helps some of you as you try to figure out how to sort out this cool project!

Now I am off to post today's pic!

Lois aka katesmum said...

I am a blogging addict I think! I have 4 blogs now... here they are:
I started the first one to just keep in touch with my family... the second one for photo challenges and the third was started to help my friend and where I could post some of my projects. The last one was where my love of reading and writing comes in... if anyone likes the story, leave a comment and I'll finish it!

Rose Ann said...

how my blogging is going? I started a blog to post pictures and layouts to share with my friends and family. Then sometime along the way I added words. It is an enjoyable process when I blog. Usually I am inspired to blog by an event of some sort, blogging occurs between 2 to 4 times a month. I would like to be able to upload photos easier than it is right now and might blog more often.
I read many blogs a day and appreciate all the work that everyone puts in to their blogs, for that I thank you all very much!! Keep Blogging!