Friday, January 9, 2009

FOTO Friday-Jan 9

Sorry ladies, this is a day late.I'm having an awful time with my internet and blogger in the last couple of days.My internet is literally coming and going from one minute to the next! Makes it difficult to do ANYTHING online!!! In the time I've been typing this post, the internet has gone down twice.

My photo challenge for you yesterday (Friday) was to be to take a pic of the 3 different matters of WATER-solid (ice, snow), liquid (running water, waterfalls, river, stream, puddle, dew drops...)and gas (steam, fog, mist...)!

Here is one I took of a little snowman I made a few days ago... and one of our new puppy soaking wet after her bath!

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Carla said...

Great challenge.... and a science lesson too :-)