Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WEB Wednesday - December 17/08

Here's are a few websites shared by our sister Jean!

Some websites I would like to share Great Holiday site to go to this year with my morning cup of coffee... always inspired by some little tip, article or recipe. Organized Christmas

I have loved magazines and catalogs ( my wish books as my Mother would say) since I was a little girl. I find it hard not to pick one up and browse even when standing in the check out line.The same holds true when I am online. Always some wonderful treasures to be found in Creative Times online magazine. May be downloaded for future reading. Creative Times Magazine

Wonderful site for all types of party inspiration and ideas ! Really, a big help in making any party a success.If you are planning any type of get together this holiday season, and are stuck for some ideas, you will find a lot of inspiration here !They cover ideas for just about any type of party you would like to plan! Purple Trail

Thanks Jean for these great websites!!

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Carla said...

Those look like some great sites to check out. The Organized Christmas site is awesome!