Saturday, December 13, 2008

SKETCH Saturday-Zarah

Hi everyone!
Well, we are getting close to the end of the year! Amazing huh!

Our featured sketch artist today is ZARAH!

Here's a little about her:

I am Zarah - a 29 year old Swede. Mother of two - both furry (with a tail) and married to my soul mate Mikael.

My days are spent scrapping, writing, reading, photographing, drawing and... watching movies with my wonderful husband (and the cats. Never underestimate the moviewatchiness of two cuddly cats...! ;)).

I have a weird sense of humour, a big heart and an addiction to coffee...! ;)

I started my sketch blog a while back after my friends kept asking for my sketches. I decided to put them in a place where they could just pick and chose - and that escalated into what it is today. I'm very happy that people seem to enjoy my doodling! :)

I'm honoured to be featured at Sisterhood of Scrap. Thank you very much!

Here's Zarah's sketch for you today! Doesn't it look like FUN!!!
Thanks Zarah! If you try it, ladies,let us know! We'd love to see it!!!


Kendra said...

That is a beautiful sketch Zarah! What is your blog site?

Deanne Burton said...

Her blog link is

I've updated and added it to the post.

Chris said...

wahooo Zarah!!!!!! love the sketch!

Sharon said...

Beautiful sketch as usual....well done Zarah!