Thursday, November 20, 2008

TEXT Thursday - November 20th

Sometimes we end up journaling in the same way on most of the layouts we do. Try shaking things up a bit and do your journaling differently.

One way I like to journal is by using strips, and my DYMO Labeler is perfect for this. You can also cut strips of cardstock and journal on those.

What are some ways you like to journal? Share with us in the comments or in a blog post. We'd love to see!


V Colbourne said...

I love love love to journal in strips! However, my new journaling love is printing on masking tape. I just type up whatever my journaling is going to be, print it on regular computer paper and then I just rip pieces of masking tape and put it over the text, pop it back in my printer and then I just print it again. And there it is!! Here is a LO that I've used it on :

lois said...

wow...I am gonna have to try that masking tape thing!! Great idea... I love doing journaling on my computer...I have a hand and brain that just don't always work together...and those spelling mistakes make me crazy - it's my obsessive thing to spell it right!!