Sunday, September 28, 2008

SISTER Sunday - Sept 28th

Time for another sister :-)

Please welcome Mandee Gillen. She will be sharing with us this week.

Tell us about your family: I am 31 years old and married my high school sweetheart. Jake and I have been married for 12 ½ years. We have two beautiful daughters Januaree age 10 and Autymm age 7. We have two of the cutest dogs on the block! Kylo (pug) and Daisy (weimeriner). My family is the best! We have tonz of fun together. Camping, cruising in our jeep to our favorite vacation spots and spending time with friends and family.

Who/What inspired you to start scrapbooking? In many ways my mom inspired me to scrapbook. Why? Well, you see growing up my mom took so many pictures and did what any mom would do, develop them. But that was it. (Sad) Me and my brothers and sister would pull out this big cardboard box and dig through pictures. Laughing and crying, there were so many memories. We would always try to sort them into piles but it never ended up working. So I took it upon myself to gather all of the pictures I wanted of me and my family and started to scrapbook them. You know back when there wasn’t anything except for "Mrs. Grossman" stickers and colored cardstock. (It’s ok, you can laugh with me or at me it’s all good) And that is where my adventure started. So thanks mom for making me see the light and keep those memories alive through the art of scrapping!

Does anyone in your family also scrap? My sister (I just converted last year), my mother-in-law, 2 sister-in-laws, and a couple of cousins. No, I still haven’t talked my mom into it yet. And YES the cardboard box of pictures is still growing. (ha ha)

What size do you normally scrap? 12x12 but I love altered albums

What is your favourite colour scheme? Pink and Brown

How many hours a week do you scrap? Well on a good week 10-15 and on a really good week 24-36 (that’s a day or two away from reality which doesn’t happen very often)

What is one thing you always find yourself reaching for when creating a layout? Rub-ons, oh how I love those dang rub-ons

Describe your scrapping style in just three words. Hybrid, Bright, Fun

You can have a look through Mandee's gallery. She says she only just started it, so there's not many layouts showing yet :-) She has a blog -- Scrappin Madge.

Here's Mandee's submission for Week 73:

Be checking back this week to learn more about Mandee :-)


Trina174 said...

Welcome Mandee!!!

V Colbourne said...

Hope you have a great week Mandee, congrats!