Saturday, August 2, 2008

SKETCH Saturday Aug 2-Adrienne Lundmark

Good Saturday morning,everyone!
Hope you're having a great weekend!
Our featured sketch artist this week is Adrienne Lundmark! Here's a little about her:

Hi, I'm Adrienne! I am 20 years old going to community college, working on getting my degree in Mathematics. Isn't that odd? Math and scrappin! ha.
I started scrapbooking unknowingly at a very young age, but in high school was when it really started to take hold! The addiction I mean. I was taking a photography class and we were assigned to do a photo journal throughout the year. I started buying stickers and brads and I was hooked! Before I knew it I was piling myself up with patterned paper and more STICKERS!

I cursed my mom a few weeks ago for giving me the gift of craftiness and a fetish of paper! It's all her fault I swear! :D haha. I just cannot hold back from buying cute/cheap/awesome scrap supplies, if I see it on a clearance rack, don’t worry, its in my shopping cart!

I am just really really getting into scrapping as of now, I love doing it, I have come up with some great sketches of my own and love using sketches created by others. I think it is a great way to start out when you are unmotivated or just flat out too lazy to think of something great all by yourself! :D I have come up with a great scrappin strategy which involves me deciding on what the heck I am going to scrap, then finding a sketch that I feel it would fit perfectly, getting the pics printed out, cutting them out, picking some paper that I think would go well with the feel I want to get out of the page, and finally I do some cutting and pasting and voila! Finito! Awesome scrap page that I feel satisfied with everytime!

I have a scrap blog of which I host some fun challenges, and post some things about my life and also put up some of my own layouts! I have found blogging about scrapping as (if not more) addicting than scrapbooking itself! You can find me and my friends over at my blog.

I am not on any design teams, unfortunately but, I do however, keep entering! :D haha, all of my work is posted up on my blog! And some repeats over at WeScrap

Thanks so much Adrienne! And here's her sketch!!!Enjoy and let us know if you use it, scrappers! We'd love to see it!


aimee said...

i used adrienne's sketch in july. it was a great sketch! here it is...

yay! adrienne! congrats girly!

Cecile said...

Congrats Adrienne!!
I used her sketch in July and I posted it on my blog:))Great work girl!!!