Saturday, May 3, 2008

SKETCH Saturday-May 3rd-Anna Bowkis

What an exciting day in the life of an addicted scrapper!!!!

Our featured Sketch artisit today is...Anna Louise Bowkis

Here is a little about her.

Anna Louise Bowkis lives in Cambridgeshire UK, with her husband and two little girls,
and is an avid scrapper!
Anna Louise is a "The Best of British 2006" winner and
currently contributes to several leading UK publications.
Her strong love of colour and design can be seen in her layouts and is enjoyed by scrapbook students on both sides of the Atlantic.
Anna Louise’s new love is her Nikon D80 which is never far away, capturing her daughters every moves and scrapped at a later date.
Anna is the founder of Pencil Lines the sketch challenge site.
You can see Anna’s work on her blog
and at Pencil Lines

Thank you to Dea for having me as a guest artist it has been so much fun!
Anna x

Here are Anna's sketch and layout sample! They are both absolutely awesome!!!
Thanks, Anna!!!

And since this is National Srapbooking Day!! (yippee!!!) anyone who posts to this thread between now and Monday night telling us about what they did on Saturday to celebrate will get their name in for a draw for a RAK from me. You will get your name added to the draw again if you use Anna's sketch as an inspiration for one of your layouts this weekend! So, let us know. You don't have to post it, we will take your word for it. But if you do post it somewhere on your blog or in a forum, tell us where to find it.We'd love to see it!!!
Have a great day, everyone!!!

May 4th~EDITED TO ADD~Hey all!!! Hope you all had fun yesterday!!! I got a LO done using Anna's sketch! You can see it here. It's called "Falling" in Love. The LO shows pics of my hubby and I in the last 80's.We weren't married but we were TOTALLY in LOVE!!!


charlotte said...

Oh I love the sketch!! And the layout is so beautiful and filled with lovely details! :-)

As for the National Scrapbooking day I will be scrapping, of course. Scrapbooking is a rather new hobby here in Denmark, but it grows everyday and this year some forums/blogs are celebration the National Scrapbooking day. So I will be doing some challenges and I look forward to a whole day of being creative!!


Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

that is an awesome sketch!!! I'm going to try to use that one today!
I'll be scrapping the day away today....I've already done all of my weekend chores so it's scrap heaven!!!! I'll be playing on the scrapdango messageboard as a guest DT...come and play a game or 2

Megan A. said...

great sketch! I am definitely going to use that today! I am scrapping all day in celebration of NSD!!

Sara Paschal said...

This is a wonderful sketch, and is on my list of things to do today!

karen said...

well washing done and housework done so all thatsw left to do is SCRAP SCRAP and more SCRAP, love the LO

Heather H. said...

What a beautiful layout!! I'm looking forward to trying this sketch out later. We are off to the Photography Show today where hopefully I will get some pointers on how to improve my pictures so that I have awesome ones to scrapbook. Guaranteed that when we get home I'll be scrapping away :)
Happy National Scrapbooking Day everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey said...


I am scrapping today of course. I hope to finish up a couple of Mother's Day projects I have on the go. I also would love to make time to put to use that fabulous sketch!!

Enjoy your scrappy Saturday everyone!!!

Peg said...

hockey, feed kids, entertain kids, feed kids, ESCAPE and Scrap!!!

I played at BB with some new-found scrappy friends :-)

domestic goddess said...

Happy NSD everyone, cannot wiat to see what you do with my sketch :D
anna xx

KarenB said...

Happy NSD. Saturday is a busy day for me with gym class and DD's football game, but I found some time to do a couple of digi layouts and I started a traditional layout using Anna's gorgeous sketch. Hopefully I'll finish it off tomorrow and upload to my blog. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration.

Amanda Ann said...

Great sketch!!! I have been hanging out at 3Scrapateers today! :) They are having a super fun NSD celebration!

The Selman's said...

I'm off the Family Resouce Centre today to scrap the day away! I'm bringing the sketch with me!

Happy NSD!

amandanewton said...

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I haven't really done much scrappy-related today! I finished a card and started a layout...and I was on some MBs...and posted a challenge...Now I'm going to tackle that sketch next! {I'm abandoning all housework for the rest of the day!} :0) Beautiful layout BTW!

Starr said...

Hope everyone had a happy NSD :) I did. Been scrapping & will definately give the sketch a try. Off now to squeeze in a final bit of scrapping before the day is over.

Christina said...

I am most definitely scrapping today!! Working on getting some of the Mother's Day stuff done, as well as cards to send out for the day!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!

Trish said...

I am scrapping all day :)

Julie said...

What did I do on NSD scrap of course.

Kimmy said...

wow awesome LO anna!

I celebrated NSD by scraplifting it! :D

Melissa said...

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

What fabulous sketch!
I spent Saturday, scrapping. I only got one layout completed, but it was for a challenge...4 of us participated. We each had the same photos and journaling and title, which was provided by a non-playng party. We each saw the photos for the first time at the same time and then had 3 hours to scrap them...then we posted at the end to see how the layouts differed. The best part...our friend now has four wonderful and different layouts of her which just arrived on April 29th, 2008.

I did realize that I am a slow scrapper, but quick to learn a new software program quickly. LOL

Sorry about the book, but it was a fun day.


Colette said...

Great sketch! I spent today scrapping - all day with nothing else to distract me except a week's worth of TIVO that I was semi-watching at the same time. It was awesome & I finished 7 LOs. I am planning more of the same tomorrow & will try my hand at the sketch, too.

Beverley Todd said...

Fab sketch/layout! I had planned on scrapping for NSD but as we have a bank holiday Monday here in the UK I decided to use the long weekend to remodel my scrap room.
If I can get it finished today I get to scrap all day Monday! Not a bad way to spend NSD i think!

Sue Bone said...

I love the sketch and the way Anna's layered the letters.

I spent the day at a crop I organised. I was very productive but by 3pm I'd peaked and started to tidy up. My sister had also finished all she'd taken with her and asked if had any spare photos she could scrap. Needless to say she had lots of offers of spae photos but I think she really wanted photos of her daughter, my niece. LOL


newscrapper said...

I just started scrapping when i was invited by a friend to attend a scrapbook group on NSD. The most fun I've had in some time, I completed 3 pages, and I intend to use Anna's layout tonight to complete another page. I'll let you all know how I make out.....

Pandachu said...

I love this sketch!! I did lots of SB shopping (many sales going on) and joined in an continuous online challenge. Sadly I didnt make it to be the ultimate scrapper in the challenge but it was fun tho taxing being on my toes all the time!! Really stretched my creativity!

Pandachu said...

I love this sketch!! I did lots of SB shopping (many sales going on) and joined in an continuous online challenge. Sadly I didnt make it to be the ultimate scrapper in the challenge but it was fun tho taxing being on my toes all the time!! Really stretched my creativity!

newscrapper said...

Well I did it ladies...I used Anna's LO!!! My first page entirely on my own with no guidance whatsoever...And I must say I am enjoying this new hobby!! Happy Scrapping everyone!

Tracey said...

I'm just about done my layout based on Anna's sketch. Taking a break for dinner before I put the finishing touches on. Probably won't get a pic on my blog until tomorrow but thanks for the awesome sketch!!!

JoyfulJoy said...

NSD was spent going to yard sales with my DD and then later scrapping after she went to bed. I got 1 more page completed for the week. That makes 6 LO's this week! I guess I can say that I celebrated all week!

Starr said...

Back to post a link with my LO inspired by Anna's sketch. Thanks for the challenge, perfect end to a happy weekend spent scrapbooking.

Deanne said...

Thanks to everyone who posted here! The winner is joyfuljoy!!

Congrats, joyfuljoy!