Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WEB Wednesday - February 20th

Well, today's link has absolutely nothing to do with scrapping (unless you count that it saves you time for more scrapping!!), but it's something I recently found and I am so enjoying the site.
LOTS and LOTS of recipes, tips, shopping lists, etc. You can sign up for free newsletters. I bought the Frugal Menu-Mailer Ebook (could use all the help I can get with this growing family of mine!) I also bought the Body Clutter Menu-Mailer . The recipes are great and my whole family is looking forward to some new, healthier recipes.
This is a time-saver and a money-saver for me. I have been stressing a bit over what to cook and worrying about how often I was at the grocery store.
Check it out and let me know what you think!
Sisterhood.... a celebration of the he{ART}


KimmyKimKim said...

Carla - I am a super flybaby for a few years! Get Flylady's book Sink Reflections - you won't be sorry! (I don't get anything for advertising - just loved it myself and it helps me!)
I re-read a few chapters this weekend cause I kind of fall off the clutter wagon sometimes!

Beverley Todd said...

Yep! FLYing in the UK too! LOL