Thursday, February 21, 2008

TEXT Thursday - Feb 21st

My husband and I received a lovely card in the mail this past week -- just a "thinking of you" sort of card. The sender wrote some encouraging words for us and our family. It was so neat and meant a great deal to hubby and I.

We got to thinking that this is something we all need to be doing more of -- encouraging and uplifting others, whether by sending a little card of letter, zipping off a quick email, or phoning a friend -- whatever is most comfortable. Even if it's not especially comfortable for you (which for me it is not!), just think how you would feel being the recipient of such a note.

My challenge to you is to try and find at least ONE way this week to encourage someone else. I promise, you'll feel better for doing it!


Jean Marie said...

what a thoughtful idea Carla,so easy in this day and age to walk by our fellow man
this is one of the many reasons I love to visit the SOS... quote of the day today adds to the post!TFS :)

LaY hOoN said...

Ya...i have produced a card that going to send to a friend of mine who are in depression.

Anonymous said...

Just sent my note, through email, thanx girl's your doing a great job!!


Beverley Todd said...

We have a diet support thread on our forum - somewhere we can encourage a couple of the girls who are trying to lose weight! I just posted a few words of encouragement there

Anonymous said...

Carrie & I met each other through the Children's Miracle Network (both of our boys were sick) and we've stayed email buddies..she was on my mind the other day and I jotted an email saying I was thinking of her & I requested prayers for another friend. She emailed me back and said my words made her day coz she was feeling a little down and she realized that someone else truly had it worse than she did and she was grateful for the ability to put her cares aside and think about someone else that day. So....I was glad I had sent the going to make some cards with scrapbook scraps this week JUST BECAUSE. :)

Carla said...

Ladies, this is just awesome!! So glad you jumped on this challenge and encouraged someone this week!