Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WEB Wednesday - January 23/07

Today's Web Wednesday links are from our sister, Megan :-)

"I have a total Internet addiction. I should seriously join a 12 step program or something. The first place that I go every day (after I check my email of course) is: Scrapwords. I am a senior member of the Wordsmiths Design Team – which means I have been there since the beginning and they are never going to get rid of me! Scrapwords was my first design team and not only has a wonderful friendly inspirational community but has also totally changed the way I scrap. The idea behind ScrapWords is that scrapbooking is telling a story and the pictures do a great job, but it is also crucial to have supporting journaling. Since I found Scrapwords in June, I have become much better and more comfortable at journaling. I even use my own handwriting now! I use a lot of journaling cards now because they are quick and easy.

After Scrapwords, I check out the Scrapperie, which has a hopping, fun community, of which I am honoured to be on the design team for the next three months.

Then I move onto my blogs. I don’t mean MY blog, I mean all the blogs that I read regularly – which currently number 65! I am not going to bore you by listing them all. But I do have to recommend the Google Reader. It is one of those wonderful (free) Google tools that are going to help Google take over the world. Just kidding about the taking over the world part, but seriously that is the only way I have been able to keep up with my 65 blogs without wasting a lot of time checking to see if there have been updates. Google Reader is a web page (that you can add to your Google bookmarks – LOL) and it keeps track of all the blogs that you are interested in. In real time, when someone updates one of those blogs, it notifies you. Check it out! If you don’t use an rss reader yet, I know you will love it!

Sisterhood.....a celebration of the he{ART}

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Carla said...

Thanks to you, megan, I now have the GoogleReader set up on my computer. What a timesaver!! I have a lot of blogs that I check (not as many as you :-) and this will greatly help me in keeping up with comments on the blogs I visit.