Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WEB Wednesday-Jan 9th

Lynn Anne has given us a wonderful list of favorite sites she visits:

Oh, I have lots! My favorite for scrapbooking in particular, though it also covers other papercrafting, is Scrap Friends ('s a community and gallery and all that, but the best is the product reviews. A number of reviews all month, five different scrappers with all different styles give info and impressions of all the new tools, products,collections, etc. including sample projects. Talk about enabling! Some of my staple products and techniques were ones I learned about from Scrap Friends.

But I visit lots of blogs for inspiration too, and many of them have little or nothing to do with 'scrapbooking' per se - but their artistry inspires me anyway!

For cardmaking, I love the card sketches at Di Hickman's blog: - and I love the cards (almost daily!) by this lady, who's got a rich, very distinct style to her work: .

For general inspiration from crafty people, I love:Betz White, felter (I didn't even really 'get' what felting WAS till I'd been stalking her blog for a few months - love her sense of colors and artistry):

Angry Chicken (fun, irreverent craftiness; wicked sense of humor):

My House is Cuter Than Yours (lots of retro inspiration/craftiness, very cool)

Thanks so much Lynn Anne! Now we all have some web-surfing to do!!!!!

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


Beverley Todd said...

Congrats on becoming a sister Lynn Anne & on your other news too! so cool!

Carla said...

Some great links here! I have a couple bookmarked already, but I am enjoying the others as well.