Thursday, January 10, 2008

TEXT Thursday - January 10th

Today's journaling challenge comes from Lynn Anne. Enjoy!

Personal Scrap Trends

The beginning of a new year means lots of 'year in review'-type blog posts. When I answered a challenge to post about 'top 10 scrap projects of 2007' I found that what I was actually finding were my top 'personal scrap trends' of 2007. Until I looked back in my galleries and computer files, I didn't realize how many new things I'd many fewer layouts I'd done, and how many more cards and altered items. Here's everything I had to say about it:

Your challenge is to blog about your personal scrap trends of 2007 - were you doing a new size, or different sizes? Lumpy, lean-and-linear, graphic, doodley? What was new and different, and what tried and true favorites did you keep? Feel free to post a couple of fave projects in there too, we always love seeing those!

Link your post back to the comments here so we can come take a look at what trends you were following (or setting!) over the past year!

Sisterhood.... a celebration of the he{ART}

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Colleen said...

Thanks for the blog inspiration! I did this today and it was so much fun looking at layouts from the past year! Just blogged it!