Thursday, January 31, 2008

TEXT Thursday - January 31st

I have to admit -- I'm not that comfortable with journaling on my scrapbook layouts. I am not a writer, therefore words don't come easy for me. I was challenged this week to take an inward look at why I am scrapbooking, what story I want to tell when I do a layout, and the importance of passing on my feelings/memories on my pages.

Usually, I will add the date my photos were taken and include who is in the photos -- that's it. I am now making a concentrated effort to include much more than that.

How about you? If you are not sure about your journaling, what it is that holds you back? For me, it is often my handwriting (if you can call it that!). It's not nice, though I do practice some before I actually write on my layout :-)

Post here with your comments on journaling. Maybe you've journaled in a very unique way. Share it with us! We'd love to hear from you!

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Hope at 4thememories said...

I am still working on this journaling thing. Part of what I am working on is figuring out 'who' I am writing to - am I writing to my kids? to myself? To God? Maybe it will change depending on the album...I would like add more journaling to my pages but not too much. I want to share with whoever the reader will be but not put too many words - I have seen some long journaling and I am thinking the reader might not read all of it! Thanks for encouraging me to think about this some is a work in progress for sure!

Carla said...

I often have that same problem -- who exactly am I writing to? I guess, though, that most of my pages will be for personal perusal, so that is how I write the majority of my journaling -- to my family members.

Lawren said...

My journaling changes depending on the subject. Sometimes I write as if I'm talking to my daughter. Especially if there is something I want her to know about what I was feeling at the time. Sometimes I write it like a news reporter. My main reason for journaling is preserve the memory.