Saturday, January 26, 2008

SKETCH Saturday-Jan 26th-Monika Martinson

Our featured sketch artist today is Monika Martinson.She has a beautiful sketch and a layout for us!

My name is Monika Martinson and I live in Sweden, near the capital Stockholm, with my husband and daughter who is 3,5 years.

I have always been a creative type of person always with some sort of project waiting to be started or finished. I started scrapbooking when my DD was born, actually thanks to Oprah and my husband ;). As soon as I made my first layout, I knew I would never stop scraping. Back then scrapbooking wasn´t very big in Sweden but it has grown a lot since.

I work full time with information which means that my job is also very creative, I either write or design information on the web or for print. Therefore the step to digital scrapbooking and creating sketches wasn’t very big for me and now I even design my own digital kits. I also run my own scrapbooking community on the web here in Sweden, which is a lot of fun mainly because all the new friends I have the chance to “meet” from al over the country .

Scrapbooking is a big part of my life, It is not only a way to save today for tomorrow but also a great way to relax and create without boundaries, just for fun. I´m very proud to say that I have been part of several design teams both American, Canadian and Swedish but right I just scrap for fun.

If you wish to see more of my sketches you can find them
here . I'm happy if they can inspire and if I may see the result ;)

My digital kits are to be found
here and here. And if you would like to see more of my scrapbooking layouts, my gallery is here.

If you try Monika's sketch, let us know.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful sketch!

Carla said...

What a gorgeous layout and sketch!

Angela said...

I tried it - borrowed the elements I liked the most. My page is posted at