Thursday, December 20, 2007

TEXT Thursday - December 20

Today's post is all about TRADITIONS!! Christmas traditions!!

Here are some examples of traditions that people might take part in over Christmas:

~ Unwrapping ONE gift on Christmas Eve
~ Giving a gift once a day for the 12 Days of Christmas
~ Putting up your tree on Christmas Eve
~ Using only a certain colored light/decoration on your tree
~ Hanging stocking in your childrens' rooms instead of on the fireplace
~ Making Christmas Cookies
~ Eating Christmas dinner at a certain time on Christmas Day
~ Opening all your gifts on Christmas Eve

These are just a few that came to mind! On my BLOG I posted a entry about a Christmas tradition at our home!

Post a comment and tell us about your traditions! Or...even better...create a blog posting and link us to it here!

We can't wait to here all about your traditions!

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Carla said...

Here is my post :-)

Anonymous said...

Years ago my aunt made my children an ornament with their pictures on them...they sit and wait till they both show up (or one of them) to put them on the tree. This has been going on for 29 years now!

Anonymous said...

oops...this is all new and I keep forgetting to add who I am...the above post was mine....Lois!

Deanne said...

I posted about our Christmas traditions on my blog at: