Saturday, August 18, 2007

SKETCH Saturday-Aug 18th

This week's sketch artist is ANAM STUBBINGTON!!
Here's what Anam has to say:

My name is Anam Stubbington and I love paper. I have been into pretty paper and creating art for years but got addicted to scrapbooking about 4 years ago,
while I was pregnant with my little girl.

It combined 3 loves: paper, photographs and memories.. I love working with paper, using my sewing machine and my computer to create my designs. I love trying new techniques and learning from others as well as sharing knowledge.

I current create for the very cool Pencil Lines Sketch Blog and its sister blog Altered Pencil Lines and I am very excited to be recently asked to create for Stix2 Adhesives and Fresh Pages Kit Company .I also run Inked & Scrapbooking which is a challenge blog
about Scrapbooking & Tattoos.

I have been published so far in 2007 in Canadian Scrapbooker, Scrapbook & Cards today and Somerset Memories Magazine . I have previously been published in Creating Keepsakes, most of the UK Magazines and in 2006 I won Best of British Scrapbooker. I am also due to have a big article about scrapbooking publish in Skin & Ink Magazine this December.

I currently live in Edmonton, Canada with my artsy hubby Ian and our little girl Fay. We moved to Canada in 2006 from the UK, so we are on a bit of an adventure but loving it all so much. You can find out more about me on my blog 'a little of my life' and you will find me about the web under the user name ‘kihaku’ which is Japanese for my name.

***Remember do something creative every day!***


Thank-you Anam! You are a very taleted lady and we love your creativity! Great advice, too!

Here are Anam's sketch and layout:

Isn't it just a fantastic sketch! Love the layout too, Anam! Beautiful!

As always, if you try Anam's sketch, leave us a comment and a link to where we can see it.
We'd love to take a peek!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


Jean said...

Beautiful Sketch!!....How awesome and talented lady is this!!....16 page pull out spred in Skin and Inked nice to see tattoos being represented in the Scrapping Industry!!You go girl!!
Thanks Sisters for leading us to all the wonderful talent out there!!

ania said...

Neat! :)

MsGrace said...

This is just awesome!!
Love your sketch & really cool layout.


Anonymous said...

Love it, will definatly scrap this!!!

Mis chicka bea

Jean said...

Just had to give this talented lady a is my take on the sketch:)

Deanne said...

This is my next challenge to myself too! Anam is a supa-stah when it comes to scrapping and sketching!!!

Deanne said...

I did it!!!
Here it is: