Thursday, June 21, 2007

TEXT Thursday - Week 10

If you found a genie is a bottle who could grant you three wishes (pertaining to you and your family)....
what would your three wishes be?
That's my blog challenge for you today. Blog your three wishes and link them back here in the comments!!
Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{art}


dana said...

Hey! thanx for the super sweet comment on my page for Unpubbed!! :) BTW, I may have to drop in here for a challenge or two ;) !

xoxo Dana

Carla said...

Yeah, we'd love to see your layouts! Drop by again :-)

Lois said...

I don't have a blog but...I would wish for health, happiness and long life!

Deanne said...

I wish my family all lived on the same street so we could just run across the road to see each other.

I wish my boys find the best ever job that they totally enjoy!

I wish for good health for my entire family.

(and one other, if I could- I wish I could talk to my dad one more time so we could talk about some things that we never did talk about but probably should have.)