Friday, June 22, 2007

FOTO Friday - Week 10

For today's challenge, I'd like for you to post a link to a "cool" photo you have taken recently -- something interesting you'd like us to see, or a great photo you happened to snap.
Here are a few that my husband took last weekend. In our harbor, there are several HUGE icebergs. Hubby and a friend went out in boat to get a closer look. Now, you're really not supposed to get too close to these bergs -- they have been known to suddenly flip over and cause drowings, but of course, my hubby thrives on this sort of thing. He actually caught some of the water that was melting from the iceberg and had a taste of the "freshest, purest water I ever tasted!" He said it was like drinking from the fountain of youth :-)

Don't you think this one looks like an airplane?

Catching some water to drink.

Close-up of the side of the iceberg.

So.... wow us with your amazing photo! Can't wait to see them!


Deanne said...

Check out my blog at for pics taken at Cape Spear. I also have pics of my crabapple trees in bloom.

Jean said...

Wow!!!Carla..those are some photos...have never seen an iceberg myself...and did not know you could drink the water from one...very neat!!tfs!

KSmith said...

Awesome photos