Friday, June 8, 2007

More about Kelli, and a blog challenge!

Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? A mixture of scrapping and computer room. Color light purple, organized not really but I know where everything is. I think of it as a work in progress with the help of my handyman husband.

What are your favorite colors to scrapbook with? Earth tones though lately I've been picking a lot of pinks, purples and blues.

Do you enjoy other crafts and/or hobbies? Sewing, cooking

What scrapbook magazines do you read? Paper Crafts

Kelli thought of a great Blog Challenge.
"Pick 3 other scrapbook sites or blogs and link them
to your blog with a editoral on why you liked that site."
Super idea! I'm gonna work on this one.

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}

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