Thursday, May 24, 2007

TEXT Thursday-Write a letter

Write a letter to a loved one. Not just a quick "hi, how ya doing,miss ya" . No, sit and think your letter through and write about at least five things you want to tell that person. (ex. 5 things you love about them, 5 moments when you were proud of them, etc.)
You can email it,of course, but how wonderful would it be for that person to receive a real "handwritten" letter from you in the mail! Think about it. That's your challenge for today. Oh, and how about fancying up the letter with some doodling! Fun stuff!

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


Carla said...

Great challenge, Deanne! I'm really gonna try to do this one!

Jean said...

Now there is a challenge for you...the art of letter writing is just about a part of the distant past...Thanks for giving it a revival!!!

Lois said...

Great idea...I have a couple in NZ who I am penpals with...we email but also write (they are very senior people so enjoy real letters!) and it's been awhile so I will start right now!