Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WEB Wednesday - Week 1

Each Wednesday we will post a link to a website that we find to be fun, inspiring, informative, either scrap-related or not.

Today's link is one to a website that is fun and kind of scrap related! And...if you visit a lot of forums (like we do) and like to change up your avatar from time to time, here's a site that will give you a way to do that.


So go ahead, create your own chick and add it to your avatar on your favorite forum(s).

Here are your Design Sisters (Chicks)!!

~~~Don't forget this week's challenge - click on the link to the left to see it!~~~


Jacqueline said...

Love that site! Great idea to share a website every Wednesday!

Deanne said...

Yeah I think we should call it WEBsday!!! hehe!

stefani said...

Those avatars are great!! :)

KSmith said...

Love the avatars that you can create.Will have to post it now