Thursday, April 19, 2007

TEXT Thursday - Week 1

Our Thursday posts will all have something to do with the written word - whether it is journaling on a scrapbook layout, posting a message on your blog, writing in your diary, or writing a letter or an email to a friend.

Today, we have a BLOG challenge for you -- use the word "memories" in a blog post. Doesn't matter how many times you use the word, as long as it is there somewhere. Post a link to your blog in the comments here. We'd love to visit and leave some comments for you :-) If you don't have a blog, leave a comment in this post using the word "memories".


Julie said...

I took your challenge! Here is my blog entry:

~~Carla~~ said...

Here is a link to my post:

thynner said...

What a great challenge. Lovin' your site too!

Here is the blog link:


Jacqueline said...

Great challenge! You've given me much to think about all day and I've really enjoyed reading what others have written. you can read mine here:

KSmith said...

Well I took the challenge too. Here's my blog:

Totally enjoying your new site. Will keep checking you out. Now its off to take up your first challenge. Thaks.

Tina said...

Finally got this done!! Better late than never... right?