Sunday, September 20, 2009

SISTER Sunday - Sept 20th

Here's some of Lois' FAVES!

Favorite Snack: jelly bellys and hersey’s milk chocolate

Favorite Drink: Coffee... strong and black....mmmm... Starbucks!

Favorite Paper: I love Basic Grey paper…it’s one of my favourites, it is so easy to work with and has a nice ‘feel’ and I am loving a lot of the new papers out there now - I have too many more favourites to even write in here – I basically just love paper!

Favorite Technique: I love the look of sanding on the edges of my photos and have been using it a lot lately.

Favorite Embellishment: My favourite embellishment changes all the time…first it was chipboard, then flowers, then buttons and now I love sanding the edges of my photos and adding doodle lines around the edges of things (and I still love chipboard!). It never ends! I try to bounce around between embellishments so my layouts don’t get boring.

Favorite Scrap Tool: Other than my tweezers, I love my Revolution die cutter.

Favorite Adhesive: I have a couple... first, for mini books there is nothing better than rubber cement... it works great and rolls off anything you don’t want it on. Then there is the double sided tape I’ve been using... it’s from my friends store... she gets it from a lady who bought the company when they were going to leave... it’s called Sookwang (on the roll) and is on fairly big rolls and sticks like magic and is half as expensive as the red one you see everywhere.

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