Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TEACHING Tuesday - June 9th

I've only recently been interested in Stickles -- glittery glue. They come in so many colors, but my favorite right now is Cinnamon.

Here's a little tutorial I tried this week. It's all about using Stickles to make a "bling" flourish. I did see someone else have a tutorial done for this, but could not remember where I saw it!

I started with a foam flourish Thicker, a bottle of Stickles and a piece of transparency.
I stuck the flourish on paper and laid the transparency over it. Another option would be to stamp a flourish on a sheet of scrap paper and then the transparency.

Add dots of Stickles. You can put them as close as you like. I think I should have mine a bit "puffier" to look more like bling. Also, two coats would probably work better. Let dry.

Once dried it should look like this. Trim with tiny scissors, getting as close to the "bling" as possible.

Add to your layout/card.

Check this link to an article on Scrapbook.com -- 101 Ways to Use Stickles.


Jean Marie said...

thanks, Carla for sharing this tutorial!
I have purchased my first bottle of Stickles and have been wondering what to try them out on.
this is perfect!! :)

Candace said...

very cool Carla! Thanks for sharing!