Thursday, May 21, 2009

TEXT Thursday May 21

Oh boy! So sorry this is late but today's been rather tough here in my area.There was an accident last night and a young boy lost his life in a motorcycle accident.Speed was a factor in it :o( He was in grade 11 and my own boy (Alexander) was to graduate tomorrow night but the staff and students felt that they couldn't go ahead with it and cancelled it and will choose a later date for the graduation ceremony.

My challenge for you is to blog and use the words LIFE, LAUGH and FRIENDS in your post. I posted earlier and here's a link to it. It's quite a sad post but it's what's happening right now to us, our surrounding towns and school. Your post certainly doesn't have to be sad.In fact I hope it isn't. So sorry that my post is, but eventually life will go on, we'll all laugh and listen and tell stories about how silly and fun this boy was and we'll have friends to help us through the tough times.


Koren said...

sorry to hear that.. life does go one but not without a definate pause in the universe

Ali said...

(((HUGZ))) to you all Deanne. You have a beautiful philosophy, as does Koren (above.)

TY for letting us know what happened so we can pray for the community, school, and the boy's family.