Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TEACHING Tuesday - May 12th

You've got a dilemma -- you need a baby boy card but your foam embellishments are PINK! What to do??!
Use your foam stickers as STAMPS!

I put the embellishment on a piece of fabric first (just to take off some of the stickiness) then stuck it to my acrylic block.

Stamped the image on my card......

... then finished decorating it.

This tip won't work for alphas, but think of the possibilities with your other foam embellishments!


Deanne Burton said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO Wow!!! I love that idea!!!! Thanks, sister, for posting it!!! Soooooo cool!!!Can you tell I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

What a neat idea! Could you also stamp right on the foam with your stamp pad - like for your alphas? Thanks for sharing!!!

Danielle said...

Okay....that's genius! Thanks for sharing!!

Candace said...

wicked tip! Thanks, I will definitley be doing this in the near future.