Friday, May 8, 2009

Foto Friday

Welcome to Friday! I hope you all have something great planned for this weekend. It is Mother's Day weekend after all.

I wanted to introduce you to a fun site if you don't already know about it. Its called Picnik. Its really my go to site for editing photos and scaling layout pics to upload. Let me show you what this site can do.

Here is a regular, unedited photo.

And here it is picnik'ed:

I turned it to sepia and added the dark edges.

Here is another set of pics edited with this site.

Here is my original photo of my layout.

And below is after cropping, resizing, enhancing the colors, and correcting the white balance.

And another set:

Here is a pic I took of two layouts side by side.

After uploading to Picnik, I cropped them apart and edited the colors so I could share them on the web.

I don't have an original for this layout, but I did use picnik here to crop, resize, darken the edges of the layout and add a drop shadow behind the picture.

This is such a user friendly site!
Next time you need to edit a photo, try out this site! I think you will like it.


Jessica said...

very cool...will have to check that out!

Carla said...

I did check it before, but I really should have a look again. I have some family pics to edit :-)

Vickie said...

I do love that site, but my computer is from 2001 and it takes forever for the site to do anything for me. My computer is slower than my grandma:)

Ali said...

WOW- that is so cool Jenn! Thanks! ~ Ali

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so awesome, I will have to give that a try!!
Thanks so much!!!