Saturday, April 18, 2009

SKETCH Saturday April 18th

Here is a layout sketch for you to play with today!!!Just look at the awesome layouts by...
TAMMY DEBORAH M. (Groovy Deborah)

~OUT for PUBLICATION! Congrats, Janis!~
...and ALI M.
Thanks ladies!!!
If any of you try the sketch, be sure to let us know!!
Have a great weekend, everyone! Think some happy thoughts for me today,please...
I'm nursing a puppy dog who had her surgery yesterday (spayed).She had a restless night, and so did I (which meant BAD dreams for me when I did sleep,yuck!!!). I have a splitting headache again today and she's been crying and in turn I've been bawling my eyes out too. The 2 of us are a MESS! But I'm hoping to be able to do a layout using this sketch and get some things done around the house.The house is a disaster!!!!


Liz Weber said...

FANTASTIC sketch Deanne - just love your sketches.

The layouts are all so gorgeous Ali, Janis, Tammy and Deborah.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

Carla said...

Great skecth :-) and lovely samples!

Sorry Meika is having such a rough time, but she's such a momma-suck LOL! You knew she'd be like this!Poor puppy :-(

Amanda Ann said...

Awesome sketch!
I love all of your layouts!!

Ali said...

Great sketch Deanne, I will be using it again!
Tammy: AMAZ-ing lady- you have at least one Easter 2009 page DONE! WOW, and the kids look like they are having a blast. Oh, I love the wee pink bunny (bottom left)!
Deborah: What beauty. Just lovely- so soft and ethereal...
Janis, I LOVE the red and the crisp, beautiful design of this LO.

Deanne, I am so sorry Meika is having a hard time today. She will be SO much better tomorrow. ((HUGZ)) to you both for a tough day like this one. xx-A

Amanda Ann said...

I used this sketch this afternoon!! I love it!!

scrappysue said...

i love finding new sketch sites! happy birthday!

missusem said...

Happy birthday!!

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your puppy. Our puppy is finishing week one of surgery from a broken leg...and we still need to get him fixed. So my heart definitely goes out to you!! And don't worry about the will be there tomorrow!! :)

Deanne Burton said...

Amanda, your layout is gorgeous!!!! Thanks for playing along!!!

Robin Gibson said...

Great sketch, LOVE It Deanne!! Fab examples too Ladies!!
Tammy - CUTE picture! Love that pink bunny 2!!
Groovy Deborah- LOVE that name, lol. Great photo, and love love love those big title letters!
Janis- Congrats!!! And LOVE the 'white' space and handcutting, beautiful!!
Ali - BEAUTIFUL horse!! Great title job, and love those flowers:)
Thank Ladies, for more great inspiration!!

tiggertastic said...

Fantastic DT work, my entry is herethanks for looking, Sarah x