Thursday, March 26, 2009

TEXT Thursday - March 26

Well, we are definitely getting our spring storm here in Colorado. They have declared Blizzard conditions and the snow just keeps on coming. :( So in light of this, I have a prompt that you can use in a LO or on your blog:

"My favorite thing to do while it's snowing..."

Let us know in the comments if you used this so we can come over and take a look!!!

And my heart go out to any readers in Mississippi that may have been or had family involved in the tornado that hit last night. With all of the crazy weather happening, everyone take care!!

Happy Scrapping!!


Deanne Burton said...

When we get a storm school is usually closed so I get a day to scrapbook!!!!

colosnowangel said...

I love to take pictures while it is snowing. What part of Colorado are you from. I grew up in Greeley area. I now live in Iowa. Stay warm and safe!

Christina said...

Colosnowangle - I am in North Denver metro area...Thornton...we only got a little over a foot but it came fast and now is icing over. :(

Deanne - Lucky gal..when school is closed the kiddos get rambunctious and drive me nuts

but I guess my answer would be "I like to step outside and listen. It is so quite that you can almost hear the snow hit ground."