Thursday, March 5, 2009

TEXT Thursday-Mar. 5th

Have you ever written a poem for a layout? If not, why not try!!!
I have created layouts with poems on them.Here are a couple of examples:

The poem reads:

Never Again...Always Forever

Never again... Will I see his beautiful, unique half-smile,
Will he kiss me gently on the forehead,
Will we talk and laugh together in the quietness of the evening.
Always forever... I will hold sweet,precious memories of him close to my heart,
He will be with me wherever I go,
We will be father and daughter.

The poem reads:

The waves keep crashing
Year after year after year
On rocky seashores

Here's a link on how to write a haiku, an acrostic, a tanka, and a free verse.

Let me know if you've ever created poems for a layout and post a link to it.I'd love to see it!!!


Robin Gibson said...

Ok, I can surely say I have not yet done this on anything I create..cuz I'm a bad writer!!! BUT, I'm excited to check out the link:) THANKS!
and your examples are LOVELY btw!!!

Christina said...

Those really are some great examples!! And a great idea! TFS

Carla said...

I love that layout about Dad. Beautiful, Deanne!

I don't know if I've written a poem for a layout. Thanks for the challenge!

Ali said...

I think I have written a poem for a LO...(?) Hmmm, I really need to flip thru my books and see! GREAT examples, BTW!!