Saturday, March 14, 2009

SKETCH Saturday Mar 14th

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend!!
Here is a card sketch for you today...

...and inspiring cards from-

and ROBIN G.
Thanks so much ladies!!! I look forward to receiving your creations in the emailbox and I feel especially happy to post them here at Sisterhood of Scrap!!!
Remember ,if any of you try it,let us know here by posting a comment with a link for us to take a visit! Thanks!


Robin Gibson said...

This was another GREAT sketch Deanne! It was SO FUN to play along:) Thanks for putting my card up:)
ERIN M: LOVE how spring-y your card is, great colors:)
DEBORAH M: LOVE that tribute to St Patty's Day! Great card!
They are both LOVELY!!

Groovy Deborah said...

Thank you Robin :) I appreciate it!

Deanne, what a sweet thing to say; I love creating the cards and layouts so we're even, lol! Thanks again, Groovy Deb

Ali said...

Oh!! Gorgeous cards ladies.

Erin: LOVE the stripes (I am stripe-y gal) and the Frankenstein Quote: GREAT idea!!!~

Deborah: GREAT shades of green!! Cute "Irish-look" lettering too!

Robin, that flower is a stunner! WOW!

Deanne, I LOVE creating from your sketches-- it is always a pleasure to email them to you!I must try this one!