Monday, March 23, 2009

CHALLENGE Monday - March 23

Good Afternoon Sisters!!

It’s Your Choice!!

I am going to list off 6 requirements that will need to be used on a layout or a card. Each of the 6 requirements listed will give you a choice that you must choose only one of.

Colors: Yellow/Red/Blue or Orange/Green/Purple

Paper: 2 Patterned/ 1 Plain or 2 Plain/ 1 Patterned

Embellishments 1: Flowers or Buttons

Embellishments 2: Fabric or Brads

Embellishments 3: Chipboard or tag

Words: Stamped or Handwritten

And here is what our sister came up with!!!


orange/green/purple combo -2 pp/1 plain

2 patterned/1 plain
1: flowers
2: brads
3: chipboard
stamped title and handwritten journaling


orange/green/purple -2 pp/1 plain

Send in your layout to Sisterhood of Scrap before the end of the month.

Please make sure you use the link above, or put "march23" in the subject line. This makes it so much easier for us to filter our emails and ensures that we don't miss your submission!

Every challenge done enters your name in a draw for a sponsored prize.

Happy Scrapping!!


Stephanie said...

Ooo, this one looks fun and challenging! I'll have to get on it!

Ali said...

WOW!~ THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! Great job all around. Definitely doing this one! We have a storm day here-OK, get this: school was NOT cancelled... but I kept the kids off the bus and home. Terrible out! An actual blizzard. So I will try to scrap this between the kiddos' needs. I know I can do it,and sure looks like fun! TY for sharing your creations, gals! ~ Ali

Carla said...

What a challenge this was :-)

Can't wait to see everyone's layouts!

Christina said...

Yeah!! I am glad that y'all are enjoying it!!! I love to do these type of challenges...this way I do not get overwhelmed with everything that I 'could' put on the page!!

And Ali - I would have kept my kiddos home too...better safe then sorry!

Rose Ann said...

Wonderful Challenge. Love all your layouts!! This one got by me and I did not have time to do it...sadness!
It is spring, time for High School Lacrosse with my daughter...busy busy.
I will be stopping in and hopefully get one or two challenges done....have a great day!!