Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TEACHING Tuesday - February 3/09

Ok, so I'm cheating a little today. I was all set to post a great tutorial but somehow I cannot locate my photos that I had taken for it. They are lost somewhere on my hard drive. I'm sure they will show up at some point.

But for now, I will post some great little tips for scrapbooking with those tradition Valentine's gifts.

I found a great article from Crafts Suite 101

There are some awesome ideas about how to use cards, candy wrappers, and balloons on your layouts! So head on over and read it, and let us and them know what you think.

And please feel free to share if you used any of the ideas.

*Psssttt, Deanne here!!! I have some easy-to-make Valentine tutorials on my blog HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE! And if you keep watching, I am HOPING to post a Valentine tutorial every couple of days until Valentine's Day!

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