Friday, February 13, 2009

FOTO Friday - February 13/09

As you read this, I am on my way to Prince Edward Island to enjoy the Jack Frost Winter Festival. (thank goodness for scheduled posting. lol)

For your Photo challenge today, since I am going to be out in the snow, and enjoying the cold and ice sculptures, I thought I'd love to see your icy, snowy, photos. For those of you who do not have ice and snow, show us photos of water.

Here are a couple of photos I took a little while ago. The ice had frozen on the outside of the window and I took the photos from the inside!

And before I go, here are links to a couple of sites with some awesome tips for taking pictures of snow and ice.


Suite 101

Stay warm!


Deanne Burton said...

Awesome pics!!!

Deanne Burton said...

Susan, are you sure you didn't doodle them on the window??? hehe! It looks like something you totally could do!!!

Carla said...

Those are very cool pics!! Can't wait to see the pics you take this weekend :-) Enjoy your time!

Ali said...

Those are gorgeous pix! WOW- and it does look like it's doodled! LOL! Enjoy the Festival!

barbie391 said...

I am sending a link to pics I took about 3 weeks ago- We just got rid of this Friday and now Wed. we are due to get another big storm. OH NO- A winter that does not seem to be ending

barbie391 said...

Heres pics of our ice storm last January. I like these.

Ali said...

Here is my wintry photo:

Ennjoy and TY for looking!~Ali

Deanne Burton said...

I was outside today and took some pics of the SNOW! Would you believe the forecast is calling for 40 more cm!!!!

You can see my blog post HERE.

Rose Ann said...

Susan, Wow loving those frosty window pics! I am off to view the others winter links ~;0)

Here is mine~TFL