Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TEACHING Tuesday - Jan 20th

I decided to try making a shaker card today -- first time ever :-) I know it's a technique that's been around for years, but I thought maybe some of you have not tried it either. Here's a little tutorial to show what I did. My 12 yo daughter also made one with me.

I cut out a 5.5-inch heart. Basically I did the folded piece of paper, cut it out and then traced it to a piece of cs so I could have the template when I needed it again.
Folded a 5.5x8.5 inch piece of patterned paper. I laid the template on the fold, being careful not to cut through the fold part, as shown.

Then I cut out two small hearts from another pp -- these were almost 2 inches wide. In one I cut out a smaller heart shape inside. If you have a heart punch you could use that. I free-handed it and cut it with my exacto knife.
On the back of that heart. I glued a small piece of clear transparency.

I then placed the two small hearts together and machine stitched around, leaving an opening to add my glitter. Stitched the opening after filling.

Jessica, my daughter, did hers differently. We did the transparency the same way, but added thin strips of foam around the heart opening. We used scraps from a package of Pop Dots. Add glitter and stick the second small heart to the back.

side view:
top view:

Jessica's shaker box turned out much nicer -- more room for the glitter to move around.
We added the shaker hearts to our cards and embellished with ribbon and buttons.
Here is Jessica's finished card:

Show us a shaker box that you've created!


Jacqueline said...

Great job Carla and Jessica!

Deanne Burton said...

That's adorable!

Amanda Ann said...

That is so awesome!! And I LOVE the Pink Paislee paper you used!

tiggertastic said...

i love this, and have never given it a go, might join you in making my first shaker card

Sarah x

Carla said...

Would love to see it, Sarah!

tiggertastic said...

thanks Carla, here is a link to my shaker here thanks for looking

Sarah x

Dana (*danavee*) said...

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